"Building Foundations for Lifelong Learning, Together"


We are delighted to have a pre-school within our setting.


Statement of Principles

We have a child led approach to learning at Stalmine and aim to follow the children’s individual interests as much as possible. The majority of our learning is play based and children have continuous access to all areas including our substantial outdoor provision. Due to the family nature of our small school each child is treated on an individual basis and their needs catered for by all staff as they develop and grow.



We can admit up to 10 pre-school aged pupils in each session. Children can start in our pre-school once they are old enough to be eligible for their free three year old childcare provision. Parents can choose how they want to pay for our pre-school. They can use their free entitlement, they can pay the fees or they can use a combination of free funding and payments. Families can choose a morning session, an afternoon session or an all day session if they prefer.

Our Early Years, Foundation Stage class includes pre-school and reception pupils together, led by an excellent Early Years Teacher, Miss Clarke, who is also the Assistant Headteacher of the school. She is supported by our Level 3 Teaching Assistants, Mrs Pozzi (Monday-Thursday) and Mrs Cardwell (Friday). All are incredibly experienced, ensuring our children get the best possible learning experiences whilst in our Early Years setting. 

We gained Step into Quality Award; Step into Quality: Early Years Pedagogy and Step into Quality in Mathematics Award. These awards recognise the exceptional teaching and experiences which our pre-school and Early Years class provide. 

Our pre-school sessions are £15 per morning (8.45 -11.45) and £15 per afternoon session (12.15 - 15.15).  Any children who are staying all day will be offered the lunchtime session at no additional cost.

All children aged 3 -4 (pre-school age) are entitled up to 15 hours per week of free childcare provision (38 weeks of the year). Some children may be entitled up to 30 hours free provision. Applications for this must be made online: https://www.gov.uk/apply-30-hours-free-tax-free-childcare

If you are interested in a pre-school place for your child please contact Mrs Gooding in the office for details and an application pack, alternatively, you can download the information and application forms here and return them to school.

For a more detailed information - please see our information brochure. 

Stalmine School Pre-School Application Form